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Finding yourself on the wrong end of a criminal conviction can be a scary experience, and it is imperative that you have the support you need to help you navigate the legal system in the most effective manner. Part of this includes ensuring that you have access to high quality
legal guidance, as well as experienced attorneys who can help to advise you on the best
course of action.

What Are My Rights If I Am Questioned?

If you are stopped by police or law enforcement officials for questioning, you have several rights and ways in which you can proceed.

Stay Calm

Assert Your Rights

In Your Vehicle

What Happens if I Am Charged?

Being charged with a crime can be very traumatic, and many people find themselves making mistakes out of fear or panic. There are a few important steps to take if you find yourself arrested – these can help to make the rest of your legal journey smoother, and increase your chances of a successful outcome.
This should be one of the first things you focus on if you are arrested – the longer the wait between your arrest and the arrival of an attorney, the greater the chances of you saying or doing something which could get you into more trouble. Remember, you have the right to remain silent until an attorney arrives.
It is easy to panic when you are arrested, but this could lead to you making a mistake. Many law enforcement professionals may attempt to coerce you into talking when you are in custody, but you are under no legal obligation to do so. Maintain your silence until your attorney arrives – they will be able to advise you on the best course of action moving forward. Remember to verbalize that you are maintaining your right to remain silent.
Whether you are guilty or innocent, the most important thing you can do is to be completely honest with your attorney – make sure that they have the full story. Holding things back or hiding something will not allow them to give you the best advice, and if this information comes out at a later date, they may not be able to help you. Be upfront from the start – this gives them the strongest chance to successfully prepare your defense.
Remember that every conversation you have on a jail or custody phone will be recorded by the facility, and the information received could be used against you if you say anything which may incriminate you or someone else involved. The only person you should be calling is your attorney – every other conversation can wait until you have spoken to them.
We have already discussed the importance of this, but it really cannot be stated enough – remain silent until you have had a chance to speak to your attorney. This is your constitutional right, so make the most of it.

This can be a good option for those who may find their future prospects, career and opportunities severely hampered by a criminal conviction, while still ensuring that they are held responsible for their crimes. While the actual conviction is not expunged from the record, many requirements and consequences of a conviction – for example, having to pay for expensive, high risk insurance following a DUI conviction – may no longer be an issue.

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