Choosing The Right Boise Dui Lawyer To Represent You

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No matter why you were pulled over, if you are arrested and charged with DUI, you will face serious consequences and penalties that could have life long effects. From the start, you need an experienced Boise DUI defense attorney on your side. 

Our resident ID DUI attorneys, Joe Frick and James Vavrek will investigate the circumstances of your stop, review the BAC procedures and records, and determine if your rights were violated during the arrest. We make sure that the charges you face can be reduced or dismissed altogether.


The Idaho legal system is complex and can be confusing to navigate on your own which is why we always recommend that you seek out legal services from respected criminal defense attorneys to help fight your DUI arrest.  

Being charged with DUI in Boise, ID comes with a lot of painful consequences. That’s why it’s essential to obtain an experienced Boise DUI lawyer that can help you achieve a much better outcome while ensuring your rights and your future protected.

Choosing The Right Boise Dui Lawyer

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Licensed to practice in the state of IDAHO, we primarily serve in the city
of Boise and neighboring areas such as Meridian and Nampa.

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Put your confidence to a legal representative that will analyze your case with a fine tooth comb to determine how we can beat your DUI charges. We at Boise DUI Law are here to help.


Idaho Court is not the place to go at it alone. 




Our Resident Professional Idaho DUI Attorney

Joe Frick and the other lawyers associated with Boise DUI Law have the experience and drive that makes them some of the best Boise DUI Lawyers around. 



Experienced and trained to aggressively fight the state for their clients to achieve the best chance to defeat any DUI charges. The attorneys hare are some of the only attorneys in the Treasure Valley that are members of one of the premier groups dedicated to training lawyers to get to the top of their game when it comes to DUI defense, National College of DUI Defense (NCDD). 



National coaching, training, and mentorship has driven our criminal defense attorneys to be the best equipped to deal with and handle your case.

Boise Idaho Aggressive Legal Representation

James Vavrek is well seasoned in fighting DUI charges in Idaho Court. He is a former prosecuting attorney and public defense attorney. So, he has the experience in both a private law office fighting these charges as well as handling the case from the other side. His criminal law experience places him as a best dui lawyer in the area. He has handled hundreds and hundreds of criminal cases. 


James knows what it takes to combat the police officers report related to the DUI charges along with helping you retain your driving privileges. He will meet with you and carefully craft the defense strategy related to the criminal case. He has a long history of successfully representing clients related to their legal rights. 


JAmes Vavrek


Our Strategic & Aggressive Approach To Drunk Driving Charges

Few offenses in America’s criminal justice call for an attorney with great expertise especially on cases involving driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. DUI cases are complex requiring a proper scientific understanding while going through legal processes from the defense counsel.


We offer free consultations to determine if we are the right fit for your case. We understand that getting the charges dropped is a serious matter.

At BOISE DUI LAW, we carefully study your case and take an aggressive approach to each and every possible defense available including the more common ones such as:

our strategy

Penalties for a First Time DUI

While our elite Boise dui lawyers handles all types of DUIs, first time DUIs is the most common. That being said, it is important to understand the consequences you may face if you are charged or convicted with a DUI which may include large fines



One other thing that is important to mention is that if you are charged, you must share everything that happened with your Idaho criminal defense attorney so that he or she can be properly prepared to present the best defense for your case. 



The specific penalties may vary, but you need to take into account what else is at stake. If you are convicted of a DUI, even if it is your first time, you could lose your job, ruin relationships, have to pay increased insurance rates, have to get additional insurance policies, and a host of other problems. 

The penalties

Although the specific penalties you may face are governed by statute and the negotiations with the prosecutor or the Idaho Deputy Attorney General, you may be looking at the following:

Penalties for a Second Time DUI

If you are facing multiple counts for DUI, the criminal justice system will become more hard on you which will require a more aggressive legal defense.

Whether the police and the prosecutor can count the DUI as your second criminal offense depends on several factors including how long ago did your prior criminal charges happen. 

However, your Idaho DUI lawyer will be able to analyze your situation and give you a solid opinion on the legal defense you should present.  

The penalties

The penalties that you may face for a second DUI charge are as follows:

Boise Criminal Defense Attorney

Common FAQs of getting charged DUI 1st time in Idaho

The answer to this question is an unequivocal “yes.” The element that the police and the prosecutors have to prove is that your were either.
  1. Driving
  2. Were in actual physical control of a vehicle.
Under Idaho law, a request to submit to a blood or urine test is not considered a “custodial interrogation,” therefore you are not entitled to legal representation. Prior to giving you the test, the police officer will
Being convicted with DUI will stay on your driving record forever. The conviction will be reported by the DMV of Idaho to your insurance company for 3 years.

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