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Gaining a conviction for drug crimes can have a devastating impact not only on your immediate future, but with regards to your long term prospects and opportunities. While all states have laws and legislation to control and regulate the possession of drugs and other controlled dangerous substances, Idaho takes things a little further, and considers drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana controlled substances, but also includes the compounds which are used to manufacture these substances.


Idaho legislation classifies its controlled dangerous substances and drugs into six main categories; these are determined based on their potential for abuse, the likelihood of users developing a dependence, and whether or not the substance is approved for legitimate medical use.
The classifications, or schedules, are as follows:

Schedule I drugs -

Schedule II drugs -

Schedule III drugs -

Schedule IV drugs -

Schedule V -

Schedule VI -

Drug Paraphernalia

Unlike some other states, Idaho also carries significant penalties for possession or use of drug paraphernalia – offenders can face a year long jail term, or $1000 fine – both are also possible. The following will be considered a criminal offense:

Possessing paraphernalia to:
Being caught with controlled or dangerous substances has the potential to have significant impacts on your life; potential consequences include:

This can be a good option for those who may find their future prospects, career and opportunities severely hampered by a criminal conviction, while still ensuring that they are held responsible for their crimes. While the actual conviction is not expunged from the record, many requirements and consequences of a conviction – for example, having to pay for expensive, high risk insurance following a DUI conviction – may no longer be an issue.

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