DUI Frequently Asked Questions

DUI charges and conviction can go as low as 63% while majority were 85 to 95%.
Cost for DUI charges in idaho vary depending on number of offense incurred.

1st Offense costs a maximum fine of $1000 2nd Offense costs a maximum fine of $2000 3rd Offense costs a fine of not more than $5000

These fines are on top of the payment that you need to settle like court costs, attorney fees, license reinstatement, alcohol education, and installation of vehicle interlock system.
While you do not have to submit to a field sobriety test, the state of Idaho allows a refusal to submit to field sobriety tests to be used as evidence against you in court. (Some states do not allow refusal of a field sobriety test to be mentioned in court or used as evidence, however Idaho does). Refusing to take a chemical or breathalyzer test or a field sobriety test may be used as “evidence” of your guilt—meaning if you were not inebriated, you would not refuse any of the DUI tests. This is not necessarily true, and your attorney can challenge this assumption.
A DUI in Idaho is considered as misdemeanor when convicted for your first excessive DUI. Having your second conviction within 5 years will lead to a felony DUI.
Having charged with DUI one time may not be enough to permanently confiscate your driver’s license. However, getting third or repeat DUI offenses can give you a lifetime suspension of your driver’s license.
You have the right to refuse breathalyzer test when pulled over, however it will cost suspension of your driver’s license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for a year. No special privileges will be given which may include driving to and from your destination as the suspension is absolute within the duration of a year.
It is required for officers to re-administer breathalyzer test. Ideally 2 samples with an interval of 20 minutes after having the first test is required to determine the increase or decrease of blood alcohol level.
In Idaho, if your blood alcohol test result is 0.20 and higher, it may incur you additional penalties for DUI.